Fiduciary Services

“I don’t have anyone in my life who can manage my affairs if I become incapacitated, or who can settle my estate after my death.”

“My children are great to me, but they are always arguing among themselves.  If I pick one of them to help me, the others will have a fit.  How can I get the help I need without upsetting my children?”


Our firm has an Estate Planning and Elder Law focus.  Over time we have realized that many of our clients need more help than a traditional law firm provides.  Many need someone to actually handle paying the bills if they become unable to do so.  Or to settle an estate.

Fiduciary Services: We have structured our law firm so that we can act as your Agent under Power of Attorney; or as Trustee of your Trust; or as Executor of your estate.  If you are interested in this service, please discuss your wishes with your estate planning attorney. We will not normally recommend ourselves, but may be willing to act for you if asked.  Before we will be named, we will fully disclose all fees associated with acting as your fiduciary.